Welcome on our journey


Before Us

The situation of stray animal welfare was in shambles, this intensified during lockdown and still appears to be irrelevant in post lockdown redevelopment. The strays only seem to be growing in number and health & sterilization drives are either incompetent or totally ineffective. The cases of violence and ignorance of strays continue to multiple. And where crime against animals is concerned, it is completely overlooked.


This compelled the need for action and a team to dedicatedly render service and raise awareness. We began as a community on social media to draw attention to the plight and urge participation through kind, contribution or time. In a month’s time, we were inundated with requests for more help.

CheersFurever was gradually formed as a center to carry out operations under one roof, induce system to the approach, form departments to execute accredited activities responsibly and above all one fine day to collectively fulfil the humble intention – keep strays off street.

You can see how a handful of people with merely a drive for change could shape an organization and, in the process, transform few hundred lives. Imagine, with your aid in kind, contribution, time and space, how many more can be affected.

If there out to be anything contagious in our society – let’s make animal wellbeing the cause. 

WITH Us...

You will be surprised as to how much can just a handful of people achieve when they put their heart and mind to it.

Reflective Collar Drive

In just 2 months we conducted 6 drives and benefitted 600 strays who can now move about safely on the road when the night falls.

Sterilization Drive

With 3 drives alone several strays have been successfully neutered and returned to their respective location. This drive empowers the strays to exercise healthier and happier lives. It also eases unnecessary burden on society caused by growing number of neglected strays.

Virtual Adoption Drive

At a very young age, many puppies are born to an uncertain future. Most of them lose their mother at birth, followed by malnourished growth and higher risk of illness and fatal diseases. Our persuasive appeals have brought them to the notice of people who ecstatically make them a member of their family. Our success stories have urged many more to join the purpose – keep strays off street.  

Revolutionize adoption of strays

We even have approached societies to collectively adopt 2 strays or 3 cats and stir a revolution for others to practice.

Feeders’ Federation

Tremendous support received through donation in kind for stray food, has inspired us to form feeders’ federation so that the Feeders across Mumbai can receive a little helping hand and no stray ever has to sleep hungry.