Adoption or Transfer of ownership of the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog (Name) is in
consideration on the following promises by the Society (Full Name)
These promises are material and are the essence of the adoption. The Society understands that this
is a commitment throughout the life of the animal, and under no circumstances will the adopter
abandon, give up, ill-treat the animal or deprive the animal of safe shelter, healthy food and good

I/ We, willingly adopt Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog (Colour &
Breed) named from his current rescuer .
I/We agree to take full responsibility for the care of this Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog. I agree to abide
by the conditions outlined below and realise that I am committed to the care of this
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog throughout its lifetime.


As the Adopter, I agree to the following:
1. That I/We have adopted the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog with no monetary transaction
between myself and the rescuer;
2. That I/ We have adopted the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog to take care of him/her
throughout its lifetime after consulting & consent of all Society members.
3. We agree that I have been briefed by the rescuer/foster about the present physical
condition, temperament, de-worming and vaccination of the
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog being adopted;
4. We agree to care for the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog in a humane manner and be a
responsible Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog/Puppy/Dog guardian. This includes providing fresh healthy
food, water, shelter, attention, and medical care at all times;
5. We Agree to keep the adopted animal in Society office or a dry place during rainy season,
maintain hygiene in the place all time.
6. We agree that the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog will not be allowed outdoors without proper
supervision of watchman. When taking my Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog outdoors, the
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog will be on a secure collar/harness and wear proper ID tags;
7. We agree that this Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog is to be a companion animal. The
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog will live inside my home and will never be chained in balconies or
outdoors or would ever be caged for long periods of time;
8. We will provide all medical care and treatment needed by the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog
including but not limited to yearly medical checkups and, vaccinations;
9. We will adopt the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog only as a personal pet/companion and not as a gift;
10. The Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog will not be sold or given away for any reason by me or any of
my family member;
11. The Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog will not to be left alone or with small children at any time when
unattended by an adult;
12. We will get the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog neutered/spayed between 6-8 months of its age or as
advised by the veterinarian. I am aware that the rescuer strongly recommends that I have the
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog neutered / spayed. I understand that if I fail to neuter / spay the
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog is likely to get pregnant, in which case I, as the adopter, will have to
personally care for or find new homes for the kittens. I agree to neuter/spay the
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog on time without having kittens and being made aware of the
repercussions otherwise;
13. We will not abandon the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog on the streets or leave the
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog at an animal shelter or give away the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog at any
point in time whatever the reason/circumstances may be. In case the ownership of the
Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog needs to be changed, the rescuer will be notified and handover
procedures will be followed. I am aware that abandoning an adopted animal is a crime
under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960;
14. we agree the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog will never be given to any medical facilities
whose purpose is to experiment or cosmetically alter the animal;
15. We give the rescuer permission to call or visit (with prearrangement) at our society at a
reasonable time to assure that the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog is being cared for and treated
16. We agree that we have never been convicted of cruelty to animals at any time, and
have no court orders stating that we may not adopt or care for any animal;
17. we agree that this agreement never expires for the lifetime of the Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog;
18. We agree to all of the above obligations of this agreement and that I have signed truthfully.

This contract was executed at Mumbai, Maharashtra on a date –
Individual/Gradian Full Name :
Address proof and Identity proof given
(Aadhar Card/ Passport copy)