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A Revolutionary step in the world of #stray #adoption

In a world where we find scarcity of families to adopt strays, here is an example where an older dog found a society as a family at the time most needed. This conveys the point that, instead of complaining about the menace caused by strays, we must first take a look at ourselves to find a solution. On November 20th, an older indie dog was found outside the society – Bmc Quarters, Mahavir nagar, opp to petrol pump, kandivli west, with maggot wound on the left side of his tail. It needed immediate attention and medical care. On being reported by the members of the society – Jignesh patil,Suresh rasal, Hemant kale, Sunil rane & Dharmesh mandavkar CheersFurever team member Akshay swiftly reached the spot and provided the aged dog with first aid and treated his wounds.However, he was still vulnerable and weak and needed much care and attention.

On requesting to adopt the stray as it was old, the society promptly agreed to adopt at a time when he needed a family the most. We deliver our deepest gratitude to BMC Quarters, Kandivli West for setting an example for others to follow and our best wishes to the for speedy recovery. #cheersfurever

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