To belong and to feel free, is a life worth lived!

Given the neglected stray welfare situation, Cheersfurever Foundation has launched a social initiative – homesfurever, to build sustainable and economical houses for strays on streets. Cheersfurever Foundation is on a mission to provide homes to strays and mark them a place, they can call their own, forever.

To kickstart this mission, Cheersfurever invites the support of communities and corporate houses that have been the bedrock of innovation, growth and change and to be the catalyst in promoting participation in the noble effort among employees, young minds, friends and animal lovers so that, someday animals too can experience the joy of belonging just like all of us.

A short background

Homesfurever is a contest that aims to bring determined and creative minds together on a single platform, to design a better tomorrow, by laying the foundation of inclusiveness, kindness and understanding, today. The participants are expected to design and create a durable, economical, stray-friendly and eco-friendly homes for our strays which, they can then place at different locations in Mumbai.

The participants will be judged on two-levels:

1. For building the best suitable home

2. For landscaping the area where the home will be placed (area will be provided by us)

The winner stands to win a cash prize of 5000/- We kindly urge you to come forward and join hands in sharing this message and ensuring it reaches to as many people as possible, across different backgrounds, age so that, they unlock their minds and open doors to a furever home.

To participate get in touch:,

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