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Stray rage. What’s triggering the action?

A stray is found by its local guardian drenched in petrol. On confronting the offender, he admits to the act but is not remorseful as he believes such brutality is the only way to prevent dogs from attacking.
Another incident involves a video gone viral for flinging a dog in the air grabbed by his leg, after the first attempt didn’t bring enough pain, the offender chases the injured dog and flings him again in the air. The poor canine lands on the ground wriggling in pain.
Neurotics, intolerance or sheer insensitivity is breeding stray rage?
Animal activists or animal NGOs do step up to take the cause but without stringent laws to implicate the accused very little progress can be expected. Given the confused state of affairs, the road down the justice lane is pretty twisted. By the time you are handling an incident another case of brutality is reported.
If only societies could participate in raising awareness and get proactive in undertaking drives within their community can we expect some relief.
Collectively we can:
 Stop the spread of violent incidents on social media. By posting on social media, they get million views and earn money from it. Report it directly to the authorities instead of sharing with friends. Even if they are arrested, the penalty is very menial, they can escape the prison time and still continue with the heinous crimes.
 Social media too should take active measure against such heinous activities.
 Get proactive in taking action against offenders
 Report violent cases on regular bases so that authorities are forced to take action
 Setting up small camps to treat dogs,
 Collaborating with animal foundations to aid in regular check up
Today, as we celebrate 72 years of Indian Constitution, we must take a moment and remind ourselves that under the Constitution, laid down by us, it’s our duty to protect the strays and without our collective participation, the laws against Animal Protection, in itself, will cease to hold any power.

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